i am a oil painter using a camera for remembering/information.
poetry writing lyricist.
always traveling and eating like a wolf.
ae86 life til' I die.
spilling spirited pixelated dust,
my heart and soul,
and that tiny peek between the door.
San Francisco | Los Angeles | Osaka

All imagery is property of Steven Suruki

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because I can. fucks with us.

because I can. fucks with us.

cuttheswisher on Flickr.
cut it, gut it, blunt it

cuttheswisher on Flickr.

cut it, gut it, blunt it

we been running this bitch since the 6th grade.


we been running this bitch since the 6th grade.

I battle demons, you don’t even know.

Its always pushing and pulling, Balance.

Whats a family curse to somebody that has good karma?

When I was 17 I went through a major spiritual growth, I learned I wasn’t normal, and my time is here isn’t for the ordinary   person.

I ignored it my whole life.. those flashes, dreams, instinctive feelings, and most of all, those visions I get. I have noticed them since I was a young kid, but ignorance is bliss and I thought it was normal. Until I got older and people didn’t see the things I was seeing when I would try to confirm by saying “Did you just see that?” and the answer was always “no” 


So during this time, I encountered 13 consecutive days of being possessed by a demon.  I told my mom “I see ghosts and demons and all kinds of shit, and now demons are fucking with me in my sleep.. either that or  I’m going crazy..” 

To my surprise, my mother wasn’t surprised.. or anything. Instead she sighed.. and said “I’ve been dreading/waiting for this day” (in japanese)

She told me that she could see/feel spirits too, so could her mother; my grandma who raised me as a child.. also a painter, aquarius, born the year of the horse.. like me. 

So if you are a norm (yes norms are ordinary average joe’s), trying to have a conversation with me.. just remember I hear, see, and feel a lot more going on beyond whats physically happening in our moment of time.

I’m still figuring out this.. thing.. family curse.. whatever. I try to think of it as a gift because I know it CAN be used for good and it keeps me at advantage when it comes to making good art with lots of soul… I just don’t know how to control my sensitivity levels to spirits as they come and go. My “flashes” of visions of the other dimensions, future, future present, and past life also come and go.. I don’t get to choose what I see. They randomly happen at all hours of the day.. and at the end of the day I’m still only human.

This isn’t stuff I get to say to people.. I understand people get scared, or they have already decided those things are not real.. so its hard for them. 

"it only exists if you believe it does" is what this monk said to me, some people just don’t have a choice.


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